Ideal & Pratice stu-four

To become a role model for technological universities that targets at links to global trends and industrial, domestic needs, and sustainable development
To thrive as an institution that focuses on employment-oriented education
To create a high-quality, unique, diverse, and global learning environment that cultivates professionals of knowledge, innovation, humanities and technology

To emphasize balanced developments of learning and application in the aspects of teaching and training processes, teacher and student interactions, and awarding and recognition for good teaching and research efforts

To stress the cultivation of refined students with humanity conservation and innovative knowledge

To value physical and mental health and self-realization of ideals through various kinds of recreational activities, community activities, development of a friendly campus, and the establishment of landmarks within the university which highlight an appreciation for goodness and beauty

To highlight life values and missions to contribute to society through the following endeavors:
– Teacher/student awards
– High graduate employment rate
– Obtained students’ certificates/licenses
– Effective English learning results
– Teachers’ research strengths
– School contributions and achievements published
– International cooperation
– “One-Million Dollar Project Competition” to fulfill dreams
– NPO Research and Development Center
– Service and leadership courses
– Caring for injured students
– An efficient faculty retirement system
– Future development of the university